Hello From the Border

It's September 2020, and I have come to Ajo, AZ to learn more about the border wall and it's impact on so many fronts. I was in no way prepared though for what I found. This artistic desert community is truly at the center of so many issues. They are experiencing, in live time, the impact of the border wall on migrants, the environment, government spending and policies (being passed without any greater knowledge), wildlife, and so much more. 

There was no way I could bear witness to everything transpiring and not move into action. So, this forum is my beginning effort at creating greater awareness. We can all create change by sharing the information that isn't always easy to find. This forum will be a collecting place for photos, stories, messages from those on the ground, and hopefully so much more.

Laurie Benson

Voice for the Voiceless

My focus in on embodiment and the sharing of stories. These two paths lead us to our deepest inner truths, and create a path forward toward unity and compassion.